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Don't give yourself all the work, otherwise, people could be jealous of you. Better to try all the free time to spend with her beloved husband. A man should know that you are willing to sacrifice something for him, and in return, you will have less.
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 Do not provoke the jealousy of her husband.
 Envy is not the best way to control the senses.
 Many men are annoying and not positive emotions.
 Do not torment his constant appeals.
 That, as you may have a desire to be alone. Affected by this is not necessary, and restrict the freedom of his constant appeals too.

Thank you for the congratulations, without shame and embarrassment. Men respect women's confidence. At the Female massage parlor Hyderabad there are two parts of the story.

How to behave when dealing with a boy
    Show you're happy with him. A man must truly feel your emotions.
Try to do what he wants. Learn more about his tastes and preferences and maximize pidlashtovuytesya for them. If your tastes do not agree, then try to find a compromise. Most men praise. They like it when they emphasize important features and enjoy compliments.
Don't humiliate him. It doesn't look like any human being because I don't like feeling weak.

What women, men fall in love with
   As you know, the way a man's heart is in his stomach. Most often her husband's gastronomic delights and his favorite food are served. They are sure to appreciate it.
No trifles. For example, since the working person wants to relax, feel welcome, and love instead of listening to your feedback.
Get rid of bad habits. No man loves women smokers. For the sake of a loved one it can eliminate this devastating habit, the more important it is first of all your health.
Try to make concessions. So your loved one may find lost trust, feel important in a relationship, for many it is an important aspect.

What not to do
     In any case, she asks her lover about his past if she doesn't want to talk about it. Curiosity can be your problem. Try to live the present and plan for the future; If a man swears jokes, then this is no reason to repeat. Women do not decorate nasties; Do not leave the apartment disturbance. A man should not think that he will fool. Women watching for cleanliness is always for a price.

What else will win the love of a man
    They should always look attractive because men love the eyes. A woman should always look good and be groomed in the end, it is necessary for herself. Learn how to always listen to her husband. They love it when they hear. Let this be the main debate in this, but also take part in them. Be an interesting interlocutor, show him that you admire many people and many people are interested. If your interests are the same, just a charoite man, and he will respect you. Be reliable for men. You should always know that you can rely on trust as well. Do not tell anyone his secrets and wishes. I also openly tell him everything to make him feel comfortable.
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